5 Changes That Your Body Suffers Without S*x


1. You lose your sexual desire

When your body stops having sex, your body stops producing dopamine, a hormone that activates sexual desire and produces pleasure. It is a vicious circle: if there is no sex, there is no hormone, if there is no desire hormone.

2. Heart problems

The heart suffers. Studies have confirmed that abstinence or lack of sex causes heart problems. It has been considered as an excellent cardiovascular exercise. For this reason, lack of sex causes the heart to weaken and not work at 100%.

3. Change of mood

When we have sex the body also secretes oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. When you do not have sex, there is no production of this hormone and your body undergoes drastic changes of mood. In addition, your memory fails and you do not make the best decisions.

4. You have more stress

Helps release tension and stress. This is why you become more irritable when you do not have an active sex life. In addition, you are at higher risk for anxiety episodes.

5. You do not have good defenses

The immune system begins to fail. The substances secreted by the body when you have an active active superpower barrier in the body making it stronger and resistant to diseases.