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I Will Never Betray Or Chat On My Husband, Nollywood Diva, Omotola Says As She Visits #BBNAIJA Housemates

“My husband trusts me and I will never betray his trust. It’s a psychological thing he doesn’t check up on me, he doesn’t care and he doesn’t have to because I’ve got him,” she told the housemates. “Marry a man or woman that got you, he won’t need to check up on you and you

Burn Fat While You Sleep by Drinking This – See How It Works

For most of us, losing weight requires a lot of time and effort. It could also mean having to shell out almost thousands especially for those who have gym subscriptions. Fad diets can also cost a lot of money. Nowadays, it seems like there is no easy and affordable alternative for losing weight. This is

My Husband’s Joystick (D!.ck) Is Too Small And Unattractive – Female Teacher Cries Out For Help

According to Daily Post reports , testifying before the court, the teacher who broke down in tears, said, “what pains me most is the way and manners my husband beats me when he cannot satisfy me each time he made love to me. I am full of regrets”. She added that she had been married

See The Young Man Who Married To A White Woman Who’s Old Enough To be His Great-Grandmother

The photo above has been trending on Instagram as a young man get married to an american woman old enough to be his grandmother. The details of the weeding is still at sketchy, we bring you more details soon.

My Boobs Pop Out Even If I Tie A Wrapper” – Nollywood Actress, Praise Sam Ogan Reveals

Nollywood actress, Praise Sam Ogan is a damsel who is quite open about her convictions. She is an embodiment of intelligence, beauty and sex appeal. She is not one who hides her opinions, she says it as it is. In a new interview, the quite busty actress talks about her passion for acting, most challenging

Erotic Story: Grace the House Girl Who Likes Papa Kolade’s Big Cassava

After tasting Oga Danny for over a month, Grace is bored but then Mama Kolade travels to the village leaving her with the cassava she’s been craving.                                                        

OMG! See How a Shameless Mother Dressed to Visit Her Son in School

According to Twitter user @bebeBADaxx, her mom sent her this picture of how a parent showed up to a mother-son dance in a school. This has got to be wrong on every level!

If You Are O Blood Type, You Must Be Careful Because Of This!

            As you probably already know, people with blood group 0 can give blood to all other groups. Namely in the erythrocytes of the blood group 0 there is no factors that destroy someone else’s blood. This means that they can give blood to all other groups but receive blood

See How Gifty Kisses Yaw Live On Wazobia FM, Lagos

Evicted BBNaija star Gifty was a guest at Wazobia FM,Lagos.During an interview with OAP Yaw,she was asked by Yaw to kiss him(at least show her kissing skill as she did in BBNaija).She perfectly did it and kissed Yaw. See photos and watch the video on the link above


Well according to facebook user Opaluwa Ugbede-Ojo Omera; Miss Igala Nigeria won Honda Civic 1991 model in 2017? The car is older than the winner and Guinness Book of Records wont even acknowledge this. Since President Buhari is not around anybody can do anything the way they like sha.